Why Do We Use Berkey Filtered Water?

Did you know that Apothecary Kitchen only uses purified, alkaline water for all of our products? We use purified water to craft all of our healing soup stocks, and cook all of our legumes and whole grains! We love our Berkey! Have you ever seen this Crown Jewel that sits on our countertop and wondered what it was? It is a gravity led water filtration system.

Berkey delivers pure, clean, alkalized mineral water.

When we fill the upper chamber with water, gravity pulls it through the Black Berkey Filter Elements. These powerful filters remove over 200 contaminants from water including pathogenic bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residues and pharmaceutical compounds. When the water reaches the holding chamber on in the base, it is alkalized thanks to remineralizing stones (Maifan stones). Maifan stones infuse highly beneficial calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc into the water. 

How does this benefit health your health?

There are many benefits to consuming alkaline mineral water. Our cell's enzyme's function optimally at a pH of 7.4, which is ever so slightly basic, therefore maintaining this pH helps us remain in a state of optimal health. It can aid with digestion, improve relaxation, strengthen the immune system, improve bone health and decrease the risk of cancer.

Want a Berkey for your home? We received incredible support with our setup from Scott at Conscious Water.