Cell Reset: A Five Day Fast With Food | Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Cell Reset FAQ

What is the Cell Reset?

The Cell Reset is a Five Day Fast with Food. It is designed to give you the benefits of a water fast, while being safe enough to complete in the comfort of your own home. 

The recipes in the Cell Reset are low calorie, ketogenic recipes. All of the recipes are vegan and gluten free. They include lots of vegetables to flood your tissues with vitamins and minerals, while fibre helps you feel satiated. 


What is included in the Cell Reset?

The Cell Reset Includes:

  • 5 specially formulated Fasting Soups
  • 5 specially formulated Fasting Salads
  • 15 French Onion Flax Crackers (3 per day)
  • 15 Herbal Teas (3 per day)
  • Zoom Meet-ups each evening to support you on your journey
  • Local delivery of all of the food for your 5 days in the Cell Reset

*Note: Participants are eligible for a $10 refund upon returning 10 jars*


When do I eat the food that comes with the Cell Reset?

Each day you will be required to eat 4 cups of soup, 3 cups of salad and 3 crackers. You can divide these portions any way you like throughout the day to meet your energy needs. For maximum benefit, we recommend restricting your food intake to a 12 hour feeding window.

For example, if you work 9-5, you may decide to consume the bulk of your food between 8am and 8pm. If you work an evening shift, you might choose to eat your foods between noon and midnight. 

When you eat your food throughout the day is entirely up to you, as you are the best person to decide what feels best for your body. 


Can I drink coffee while on a Cell Reset?

Yes, you can drink coffee or tea while on the Cell Reset, if needed. However, these drinks must be consumed black, with no cream or sugar, to ensure you remain in ketosis throughout the process. 


How much water should I drink while on the Cell Reset?

We encourage you to drink 8-12 cups of water each day, plus the water for your 3 herbal teas. 


What are the Benefits of a Cell Reset?

The Cell Reset takes advantage of natural cellular protection pathways which evolved to help our ancestors survive periods of famine, though these times are few and far between in our modern world. It helps to promote longevity by switching cells into a protective anti-aging mode, stimulates autophagy (self-destruction of damaged cells) and awakens stem cells to replenish cells that have been lost throughout our various organs and tissues during the fast. Furthermore, this Five Day Fast With Food helps the body utilize stored abdominal and visceral fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, improving glucose sensitivity, and can reduce cholesterol, IGF-1 (associated with cancer risk), C-reactive protein (a risk factor for cardiovascular disease) and triglycerides. Following a fast you may notice improved energy, stronger mental focus and reduced food cravings. 


How often can I do a Cell Reset?

The Cell Reset is recommended 1-2 times per year for overall health and to delay aging; once every 3 months for people looking to improve cardiovascular and vascular health; and once a month for people living with cancer. 

We do not recommend doing a Cell Reset more often than once a month, as the body requires time to replenish healthy cells and recover between each fast. 


What if I am ill or having surgery? 

Your immune system needs plenty of energy to help you heal from an illness or surgery. If you have recently been ill or had surgery, we recommend that you check with your doctor before completing a fast to make sure that your body is ready for the cellular stress associated with calorie restriction. 


Who should not do a Cell Reset?

A Cell Reset is not recommended in any of the following circumstances:

-during pregnancy or breastfeeding 

-for folks with a history of disordered eating

-people who have been prescribed certain medications, especially those which lower blood sugar

-people who are underweight, frail or experiencing low blood pressure 

-individuals who are over 70, unless in exceptionally good health


When will I receive my Cell Reset package? 

Your Cell Reset will be delivered in the afternoon or evening of the day prior to the start of the Cell Reset. This allows us to make the salads the morning of delivery, ensuring maximum freshness. 


What is the cost of a Cell Reset?

The Cell Reset is $299. 

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