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Leek & Lentil Stew with Garlic Sautéed Kale & Mashed Potatoes

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This hearty and satisfying lentil stew will leave you full and craving more. Served with a Dutch family favourite - kale stamppot (mashed potatoes with minced, sautéed garlic kale.) 

When heating this stew, you can choose to mix the potatoes and kale through your stew, which will make it creamy, or... you can make this like my Dutch family would. To do that, scoop out the potatoes and fry them in a non-stick frying pan, turning every so often to mix brown crispy bits of potatoes throughout. Serve the potatoes over the warmed stew. *Chef's Kiss*

BONUS - Add a slice of grilled Vegan Halloumi from Green Goddess for a restaurant-inspired experience.

All stews are sold in a 750mL canning jars, and represent 1 large portion, 2 medium portions or 3 small portions. Clean jars can be returned for $1 credit towards your next purchase.

Photography by Edward Barry @edwardbarryburnoutphotography