Flamboyant - Passion Fruit & Codonopsis

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Living your best life isn’t always easy.  Sometime, you need to reawaken your inner Qi (aka your energy) and vibrate at a higher level. The Flamboyant kombucha, a drink so perfectly balanced, it brings you to the top of your game. The codonopsis, an adaptogenic plant, is known to be a great energy booster and maintains your exuberance all day. Tropical, exotic and full of flavor, the passion fruit is here to happi-fy your lips. With every sip, the Flamboyant keeps you FABULOUS. 


Filtered water, Kombucha* (fermented black tea*, cane sugar*, and living bacteria cultures and yeast), Passion fruit juice*, Codonopsis* and nothing else.

*Organic, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no additives.