Energy Boost - Cardamom & Rhodiola

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It’s Wednesday and you're halfway through the day. There’s a big assignment due and you’re running out of gas. You need a quick boost without the crash. Don’t worry, the Energy Boost kombucha has your back, with a blend of rhodiola and cardamom. The rhodiola offers the spark you need to continue the marathon. The cardamom has hints of citrusy, minty, spicy flavours that will have your tastebuds guessing in delight. With the Energy Boost kombucha, you will hand in the assignment, wow the boss and leave for the gym an hour early. Available in cans.


Filtered water, Kombucha* (fermented black tea*, cane sugar*, and living bacteria cultures and yeast), Cardamom*, Fresh squeezed ginger*, Rhodiola* and nothing else.

*Organic, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no additives.