Digestive - Hibiscus & Fennel

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Lunchtime just passed. You ate for a family of 4 on your own. It was delicious but your stomach isn’t happy with your decision and you start to hear the roar of a lion. You need something to put your tummy to ease. The Digestive kombucha is here to help. The tartness of the hibiscus and liquorice-like flavour of the fennel is so bright yet so satisfying. Fennel holds the key to calm the beast. With your Digestive Kombucha, you put the lion in the cage and you end your day on a high note. Available in cans.


Filtered water, Kombucha* (fermented black tea*, cane sugar*, and living bacteria cultures and yeast), Hibiscus*, Fresh squeezed ginger*, Fennel* and nothing else.

*Organic, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no additives.